FG SECURITY - Fermern Group

FG SECURITY is a consortium of three locally based companies on Lolland Falster and southern Zealand; LF guard, PL Fire Technique and AL-Security.

FG SECURITY has expertise in industrial safety, emergency planning, security guards, fire safety and safety courses, including first aid and firefighting.

FG SECURITY has extensive and long experience in solving a wide range of security tasks and training. We use highly trained personnel for export and scheduling of both tasks and safety courses, performing our tasks in the most competent way.

One of the core competences of FG SECURITY is the design of particularly sensitive areas, including on construction sites, ports and industrial areas, perimeter security, guarding and alarm and video equipment.
We solve the problem from the initial phase and up till a fully operational system is running, including system setup and subsequent operation / servicing of alarm and video equipment, and the necessary measures in and around the guarding and personnel situation.

FG SECURITY also provides VIP services and solves bodyguard duties, with the backing of paramedic and team building courses.



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